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AfriSummit 2023: African Health Authorities and Industry Leaders Convene to Explore Pharma Regulations and Innovations

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AfriSummit 2023 – Speakers from Industry and Authorities

PharmaReg and MedDevReg AfriSummit Gather 80+ Regional and International Speakers and Over 300+ Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Professionals

CAIRO, EGYPT – October 12, 2023 –  (AfricaNewswire.Net) – Leading healthcare authorities and industry experts converged at the AfriSummit 2023, a pivotal 4-day hybrid event dedicated to exploring the latest developments in pharmaceutical and medical device regulations’ advancements in the healthcare supply chain across the African continent. Held in Cairo, Egypt, on the 8-11 October 2023, AfriSummit witnessed the participation of over 300+ delegates from diverse sectors, alongside a distinguished lineup of more than 80+ thought leaders hailing from regulatory, legal, manufacturing, and distribution spheres within the industry(s).

Dignitaries from key healthcare African authorities and institutions, took the stage at PharmaReg AfriSummit and MedDevReg AfriSummit, to provide insights into their respective regulatory frameworks and underscored the event’s significance in enhancing compliance and elevating healthcare standards.

Dr. Najiba Al Shezawy, Co-Founder & Managing Director of PRA Consultancy, the driving force behind AfriSummit, emphasized the critical role of awareness regarding pharmaceutical regulations and compliance in sustaining this growth momentum: “African governments have made it their mission to elevate their healthcare capabilities to global standards. While the continent currently imports 80% of its medicines, several African nations are witnessing a surge in pharmaceutical manufacturing. A strong grasp of pharmaceutical regulations is indispensable to maintain this momentum and ensure rapid patient access to life-saving medications.”

AfriSummit 2023 spotlighted innovative practices and exemplary initiatives in various aspects of drug trials and approvals. Both Summits including PharmaReg AfriSummit and MedDevReg were enriched with valuable insights and updates from the pharmaceutical and medical device industry by the governmental and field expert- speakers that joined from various countries around Africa. In addition to a series of workshops like eCTD Training and Compliance.

Dr. Mona Al Moussli, Co-Founder and Managing Director of PRA consultancy celebrated the global recognition of African healthcare standards: “Even in the face of unprecedented challenges, African nations have garnered international acclaim for their healthcare standards. Robust pharmaceutical regulations and adherence to compliance standards complement the exceptional healthcare infrastructure and standards that Africa has diligently developed.”

AfriSummit delegates benefited from extensive networking opportunities, including roundtable sessions with healthcare regulators from various African countries and engagement with the Egyptian Drug Authority for instance, to gain insights into policy approaches and administrative processes.

The summit has cemented its status as the premier annual meeting point for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors across the African continent, both of which are experiencing remarkable growth. As an initiative of PRA Consultancy, the summit was conducted in collaboration with local partner, Pioneers and organized by Hubplus Events.

As AfriSummit 2023 concluded, it left a resounding message of collaboration, innovation, and commitment to elevating healthcare standards across Africa. The event’s success reaffirmed its status as a vital platform for fostering cooperation among healthcare stakeholders and driving positive change in the pharmaceutical industry.

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